Monday, May 21, 2007

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Our Father has promised to do "immeasurably more than we ask or imagine." One example of this has been the "internal revival" described by Hoag’s senior executives. The Presbyterian Associates Board, led by our own Bob Bullard and composed of members of our Orange County Presbyterian Churches, and the Hoag Foundation, voted with the assent of Hoag’s Board of Governance, to support this ministry by sending eight doctors, nurses, dieticians and medical technicians with full payment on this mission. It is wonderful to partner with Hoag to delivery quality care to the Limuru Presbytery region.

Then the Hoag CEO, Dr. Richard Afable, a member of St. Andrews Presbytery, asked to form a closer relationship with Los Ranchos Presbytery to deliver excellent faith-based healthcare to the community. The community is defined as anywhere our churches reach with Christ’s care. Both groups have authorized a covenant with this goal and are planning to work together both in Kenya and to establish local centers for treatment of Alzheimer’s and diabetes. The goal is to have the first of these centers established by the end of 2007. But the "internal revival" speaks more to the number of health care professionals at Hoag, who are experiencing again their desire to help others in situations of poverty and need such as Kenya. It speaks to the numerous volunteers, who although they were not selected for this trip, are supporting their team by attending meetings, collecting donations, training team members and being available for advice and support while we are in Kenya. It describes the conversations and excitement in the halls. And finally, Hoag has decided to give financially to the mission above and beyond the support for their team members. "God is so Good. Mungu U Mwema."