Monday, May 21, 2007

Los Ranchos & Limuru Presbyteries – A Fourteen Year Partnership

God has blessed this partnership over the prior fourteen years as we have partnered in the drilling of bore holes, scholarships for students, building of orphanages, growing of crops, building schools, establishing dispensaries and developing deep and enduring relationships. This is a true partnership with the Limuru Presbytery raising $50,000 for the orphanage (imagine the sacrifice of this gift from the local church members). The Women’s Guild is coordinating and supervising the construction of the orphanage. The Health Care Group and the Women’s Guild are sponsoring the dispensaries and paying the health care professionals at each dispensary. Each of our joint projects is "self-sustaining" allowing us to continue to mutually select and implement new projects. With the addition of Hoag Hospital to the partnership, this trip will be one of the most challenging and we trust, the most rewarding, as God continues to deepen our relationship and expand our vision. May God be glorified in all we do together.