Monday, May 21, 2007

Mission and Medical Mission Teams

This month, the mission teams packed more than 1500 boxes and 200 pieces of equipment into two 40 foot containers for shipment to Kenya. Donations from our churches, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, Whittier Presbyterian Hospital were augmented by donations from numerous agencies to reach a value of $1,000,000 of medical equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals and over $200,000 of clothes, shoes, toys, school supplies, bath sundries and sports equipment for the orphanage. "God is so Good. Mungu U Mwema."

Can you imagine the joy in Limuru and Narok (MasaiLand) when an empty orphanage and five empty dispensaries are filled overnight? It will be like moving in to a new home with a full service moving company. All of their furniture will be placed and all of their personal items will be stored for their arrival. The beds will be made and personal handwritten notes are to be placed on each bed to welcome the 5-20 girls, who will await our arrival to move in to the orphanage (the orphanage will eventually hold 100 girls). Our mission team and the Limuru Presbytery team will work together to paint the furniture, place the mattresses, plant the garden, make the beds, and stock the library shelves. In addition, a well has been drilled to supply water to the orphanage and to irrigate the crops to sell in the local market supporting the orphanage.

Can you imagine the excitement of having laboratory testing, medications, and a medical team to diagnose and treat your problems? We expect hundreds/thousands of patients during our four days of treating patients. But the primary vision of the trip, clearly given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ who called us to care for the infirm, is to train 8 nurses and clinical officers in the dispensaries, 20 parish nurses and many healthcare volunteers to treat more than 1,000,000 Kenyans, who have no local healthcare.

Please pray for our team members: Anita Barnett, Debbie Buxbaum, Kelsie Buxbaum, Emily Cramer, Rachel Cramer, Dr. Sheryl Cramer, Rev. Tom Cramer (Mission Team Leader), Dr. Colette Cozean (Medical Team Leader), Jesse Cozean, Evangelina Ho, Clara Karger, Irene Lange, Amanda MacAllister, Lucas Reed, and Mia Reed. They will be traveling as two groups from August 1-22. This team will be an integral part of 39 people from ten of our Los Ranchos Presbytery churches and Hoag Hospital.