Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Greetings from Limuru!

This week has been a whirlwind of activity and I am sorry that our correspondence has been somewhat sporadic but I will now do my very best to catch all of you up with the latest news and happenings.
Monday was the first day that both of the teams were united and we spent the day sorting boxes between the orphanage donations and the medical supplies. We managed to separate over 1,000 boxes into the two different categories. When that was done, some of the team members went back to the Brackenhurst compound while others of us visited a giraffe center. We were pleasantly surprised by the appearance of a newly born giraffe that was 5 hours old. It was a treat.
Tuesday was a physically punishing day as we loaded four truckloads of boxes for the orphanage and then spent the rest of the day triaging the medical supplies and dividing them up into five separate loads for the dispensaries. We were then given the opportunity to participate in home visits to those who were ill or return to Brackenhurst and get some rest.
The Mission team had an unusually physical day as we went to the orphanage with the intention of setting up the bedrooms for the residents. In reality, we were given the task of taking large stone boulders and laying out the foundation for the next building to be built. After we laid the rocks down, there were five of us who swung sledgehammers and broke the rocks down.
This was all done in a steady rain with Tom Cramer delivering a Baptist revival sermon that we had never seen the likes of. Who knew that he had it in him? We had a great time eating lunch with the Women’s Guild and played a mean soccer game with the local children. It was a great afternoon. The last part of the day was spent doing home visits with HIV/AIDS patients at their homes. It was a difficult task but it was eye-opening and life changing. This entire trip has opened many of our eyes to the realities that exist beyond our borders. It has uncovered truths about our lives and our spirituality. We have shed many tears and roared with laughter. Our bodies are aching and our heads are spinning but I cannot think of anywhere that I would rather be. I can honestly say that I have seen the hand of God at work in this project. I ask for your continued prayers for the teams and for the people of Kenya.
Good night and God bless,
~ Mia E. Reed: Mission team guest blogger