Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Long Day

Today was supposed to be a "short day" and by short we mean quite long. We went to bed last night thinking we'd be home by 3:00 PM to enjoy each other's company and take showers( a rare occasion). However, we were met with a few obstacles. We arrived at the dispensary in Uplands this morning and our medical and mission teams were able to organize and stock the clinic in a few hours. The youth were 'jobless' and we found ourselves new friends in the children of Uplands. We played an intense game of soccer which involved slipping and sliding on the wet grass, and let me tell you, running in this altitude is no small feat. The children were so delighted when we handed out red bracelets that said 'Bwana Asifwe' which means Praise the Lord. After Uplands was sufficiently stocked, we drove to lunch at Julius Githinji's house. He is the head of the Teacher's Union for all of Kenya and incredibly hospitable as well. We had a feast! There were even desserts!!! Our afternoon adventures required our group to split in two. Half of us went to Nrungetti and the other to Ndeiya. We stocked both dispensaries and all the doctors were so pleased to see the medicine and equipment that they had desperately needed for a long time. Although this day was longer then expected, it was well worthwhile because we accomplished everything that we had set out to do and more.
~ Clara Karger
The Kenya Mission Team