Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Medical Mission Team Activity Report

It has been quite hectic and busy over the last three days. We have been busy unpacking and sorting the supplies and medications that we brought with us to Kenya. The first two days were spent at the PCEA (Presbyterian Church of East Africa) Presbyterian College, where we stored the boxes and containers. By close of Tuesday, we were able to divide the supplies in to five groups for each dispensary. Tomorrow we will go to three of the five dispensaries and stock them.

Today we toured six facilities which provide different segment of health care in Kenya. We first visited with Dr. Salvadore de la Torre. We were apprised of the HIV/AIDs current status and project. Then we visited MEDS (Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies), which is a non-profit organization that assists in distribution of medicines and supplies for faith-based and non-government-based health care facilities. They service not only Kenya but also Somalia, Sudan and Tanzania. Our third stop was at the Kenyatta Medical Teaching/Nursing College. A visit next was to Kikuyu Hospital which specializes in ophthalmology and orthopedics, besides treating other general medical needs. We finally ended our long day with a visit to an out-patient diabetes center. This is the only one of its kind in Kenya.

Everywhere we went, we were treated with great generosity and hospitality. We were served with tea and snacks all day long! We now have a better understanding of Kenyan health care as a whole.

Highlights of our trip thus far:
• John and Noemi were briefly detained in London’s Heathrow Airport. We thank God they were allowed to join us after narrowly escaping a strip search!
• We are also thankful to God that He returned Joanna’s passport (twice!).
• Tej was glad we finally arrived in Nairobi to thaw out after the long frigid flight of Virgin Atlantic!

While in Kenya, our home base is at Brackenhurst. It is a lovely property maintained as a resort and conference center by the Baptist church.
~Tej Kalra M.D.