Sunday, August 5, 2007

Greetings from Kenya!

        Today we divided into small groups and spread out to preach and give testimony in worship services across the presbytery. It was their version of youth Sunday and children's day. Special fundraising events and entertainment during worship was exciting for us. We were warmly greeted and the members expressed great appreciation for the contents of the containers they received last week. They are so grateful for our love and partnership.
        Jim Harwell and Heather Harwell gave our testimonies at different churches and Helen Harwell preached two sermons. We were hosted at lunch by families from the churches and realized how blessed we are when we saw the conditions in which they live. They shared the best they had. Jesus could ask no more from them.
        The children surrounded all of us with laughter, giggles and song and enjoyed dancing before the Lord. They were anxious to touch us because we are out of their normal coloration and they are curious. The hymns were familiar to us and we understand that praising God has no language. How Great Thou Art stirs the soul in any language!
        Mario Oliver was moved to tears by the joy and innocence on children's faces.
        Elizabeth Julian was unexpectedly asked to sing a solo for her congregation and she rose for the occasion. The congregation was moved to applause.
        Mia Reed was astonished by the physical and vocal movements in the Kenya worship service.
        Colette Cozean even joined the "holy" line dancing in the aisles of the Narok church.
        Due to the Kenyan propensity for the lack of communication, Jesse Cozean showed up in another church leaving Doug Whyte on his own to preach.
        Clara Karger witnessed a mentally challenged child disrupting the church service while the other children tried to protect him. A female member of the congregation said to her "He is not alright, but God is good."
        Our evening "downloading time" was full of shared grace and God sightings. Everyone had a different joy to share and some experienced worship in ways that will be with them forever. Our Bible study focused on love one another. We have loved and have been loved today.
        Some things remain constant in Kenya. The roads have not improved. One pot hole after another consumed our vehicles. Needless to say, our bums and our backs need immediate chiropractic adjustment. However, we will do it all over again tomorrow. The real work of the orphanage begins tomorrow with almost 2000 boxes to be unloaded for both the clinics and orphanage. The Women's Guild will be there in force as will Elders and Deacons. Work when shared is so much lighter.
        We hope to know our brothers and sisters at the end of this project. The medical team arrives tomorrow and a new phase of the mission project will begin. Please continue to support us in prayer as we remember you.
~ Heather Harwell