Friday, April 4, 2008

2008 Mission Trip

A team of six people left for Kenya this weekend. Irene Lange, RN and Dr. Colette Cozean from Geneva are leading a medical team of 4 people including a lab tech from Hoag Hospital, Ildiko Hill, and a pharmacist (formerly of Trinity Presbyterian), Michael Harvey. In addition, Rev. David Dolan of Los Ranchos Presbytery and Rev. Jim Birchfield of St. Andrews Presbyterian are participating. Please keep them in your prayers.

We will not hear anything from them for the first three days as they are starting in Narok (Masaii land) and there is no computer access. Here is their schedule for those first few days:

Sunday - Dave and Colette will preach and meet with Limuru Presbytery. Knowing Colette, I am sure that she will also be over to greet the 52 girls in the girls home as they wake up on Sunday.

Monday - Establish a dispensary in Nairasirasa (near Narok). Two to three people will be hired as permanent employees after being screened by the medical team. They will then train two groups—the new employees plus a training group traveling with them from Limuru. It is planned that this group of clinical officers, nurses, lab tech and pharmacist will train other groups when our teams are not in the country.

Tuesday - Establish a dispensary in Olkenyei (near Masi Mara). This Masaii town is near the elephant pass in the mountains. They are the group that came to know the Lord on Colette's last visit. The nurse at Olkenyei was originally trained by Irene Lange. The Limuru healthcare group has already carried the hospital beds and other equipment to this site through the mud.

Wednesday - Meet with the leaders of the refugee camp in Narok, which was assisted by the Los Ranchos donations. They would like to thank us for our urgently needed and timely gifts of food and other necessities. Meet with the head government official of the Narok region and the Minister of Health. Meet with the medical patrons and church leaders and then drive back to Limuru by way of some beautiful lakes and scenery.