Thursday, April 10, 2008

Safe Arrival

Dear Friends,
Thank you all for your support and prayers for our work with our brothers and sisters in Kenya. We have all arrived safely, although not without incident, in Kenya this week. While traveling, two members of our team were delayed by a snowstorm in London, but after suffering through an additional night’s stay in one of the most desirable tourist locations in the world, arrived safely.

So far, we have managed to set up another two medical dispensaries in Kenya, bringing us up to a grand total of six functioning clinics out of the thirteen that we have planned out. Even more importantly, we have started training a selected group of clinical officers, nurses, pharmacists, and lab techs who will be able to set up dispensaries on their own, as well as training other medical personnel once we have left. We are always concerned with making all of our projects self-sustaining, and by training these individuals, we will be leaving behind a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be then disseminated through the rest of the country.

We have also met with more than 600 of the remaining refugees from the recent political turmoil in Kenya; the refugees who Geneva raised money to feed when they had been without food for almost a week. While the vast majority of the displaced families have been able to return to their homes, the few lingering refugees had a touching ceremony to express their gratitude for our intervention. The governor of the region also asked to meet with us to thank us for our concern for his people and the aid that we sent.

Thank you for your interest, we will continue to try and send you updates as our trip progresses.
Colette Cozean