Saturday, May 31, 2008

Health Team Checks In

It has been an outstanding trip, with support gained from World Relief and World Vision organizations in Kenya. The goal is to empower Kenyans to grow and sell corn to improve their economy and thus services. World Vision plans to follow up with us on HIV prevention programs and lifestyle training programs with materials for our clinic's service to populations.

Today, 65 health team members were trained on First Aid, health screening, prevention, health assessment, medication management, and lab testing, as well as having tools clarified for better diagnosis and treatment. Staff learning curves still require growth time yet they all received the program well, and are motivated to improve their practices.

The Upland dispensary was audited by the Minister of Health and passed with flying colors.

It has been a blessing to provide services to Masai in the newest clinic, which is underway and incorporates culture sensitivities.

All programs to be supported by World Relief and World Vision will be outlined on our return.

Some significant accomplishments of this trip are the partnerships being refined. The Department of Health Ministry has committed to support 60% of Health Officers salary if all requirements are met. The Limuru town council has budgeted to support the orphanage and medical programs. Counseling and outreach programs are being clarified.

Blessings to each of you and thank you for this opportunity.

Angela, John and Bhavi