Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday and Monday

On Sunday, we went to 7 different parishes. Angela Halpin from Hoag and I preached. Julie Krueger went to 4 churches in the new parish to share about the partnership and then saw their birthing center. Pat Day and Jesse Cozean went to church with the girls from the orphanage. Pat played several hymns. He and Jesse did a piano and guitar duet. Jesse accompanied the girls from the home singing Romans 16:19 and gave a testimony. John Cartaya and Bhavi Jani went to a Harambee of all the churches in Uplands Parish. Pryor and Tom Vestor shared a testimony in Ndeiya.

We then met for lunch at the Girls Home and played with the Girls the rest of the afternoon.

Today, we treated patients at Murengetti and Uplands dispensary and trained several nurses, lab techs and pharmacists. Julie and Tom also conducted a seminar on marketing the dispensaries to the session, property and women's guild leaders. Some of us left in the afternoon to meet with the Permanent Secretary for Local Government - the #2 official in this office after the Deputy Prime Minister. They have agreed to waive all taxes on our containers and support the food for the Girls Home with a budget item. In addition, they will continue to provide support for social services, medical care, etc. I am told that this meeting was a great privilege. They will sign an agreement with the partnership on Fri.

Following this meeting, the marketing group went to see how products are sold with the Mayor and Councilman as tour guides. I went to speak to a partnership meeting of Chigori partners and No. Dakota partners at PCEA. We just finished dinner with the mayor and other dignitaries.

Finally, the team sorted eight large suitcases of medical equipment for distribution. We also had many items for the orphange.

Thanks for your prayers.