Thursday, June 5, 2008

Medical Team Safe Return

Our team is back in America, safe and sound, after spending just under two weeks in Kenya. The Kenyan people welcomed us to their country from the moment we arrived to the minute we left. Whether they were serving us meals in their homes or inviting us to return to their country, they never stopped assuring us that "You are welcome again and again."

From a healthcare perspective, our medical team was able to share information with both the healthcare workers and the patients regarding prevention, diet, hygiene, and medication. We all learned how much culture influences healthcare. The healthcare workers are doing a remarkable job of being sensitive to the Kenyan culture while integrating modern medicine into their practices.

Our team was blessed to visit the Girls' Home several times throughout our stay in Kenya. The 50 girls that live in the home are completely full of life. They showered us with love every time we visited them. Colette observed that the progress they have made during their several month residence in the home is remarkable. They are physically healthy and contagiously happy. The girls receive balanced meals, clothes, and love and support from each other and the staff at the home. You cannot interact with these girls and leave unchanged. On Saturday night, the Home was formally dedicated to Colette's father. The plaque on the front of the home will always commemorate the name of Pat Day.

Success! What an experience. We were all able to enter into the work that God is doing in Kenya. Surely, the people and the country of Kenya will not easily escape our hearts as we return to our lives in America.

Pryor Vestor, RN