Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Great Day!

November 3
Headed out early to the Nairasirasa Dispensary which is located adjacent to one of the churches that one of our groups had attended the prior day. An estimated 450-500 patients were treated in a day that strained our resurces a little bit but ended up treating or couselling all people who came.

The patients were primarily Masai wearing the attaire of that tribe using red as the dominant color. All members of the team performed tirelessly in an environment that many were unacustomed to; setting up in a small bare-walled building, bringing in everything that one would need, dignosing and treating patients through an interpreter and trying to perform the best service possible realizing that the team would be moving on to a different location the next day.

After returning to our hotel, the team dined together and met to discuss accomplishments, areas of improvement and plans for the next day.