Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Leaving Limuru

Sunday, November 16
This was to be our last day of the trip, and we were all pleased with what we had accomplished and knew we would miss our fellow Kenyans, yet at the same time looking forward to seeing our families and loved ones again. After that wonderful banquet on Saturday night when we were honored by the Kenya staff we had worked so closely with all week, we split up into pairs and attended the churches in the Limuru Presbytery. Again, some of us were asked to bring devotionals, sermons, songs and greetings from our California home. We did ask the parishoners to pray for those affected by the California wildfires.

We had a traditional Kenyan lunch at the girls orphanage, as we said goodbye to all of the new friends we met. They attached to us in groups of 4-5 girls, making us pictures, singing us songs, and returning hugs, asking when we can come again. This orphanage will be accepting new girls into their home in December, and are visited regularly by all of the churches in the area. The girls, ranging in ages from 5-14 are healthy, well-loved and happy.

Our afternoon duties involved re-packing all of the medicines to be left behind and distributed to the dispensaries, personal packing and one final meeting before dinner. We all had brought several ideas which we hope can be put into action for the next team to come, learning from us to better serve the children of Kenya and bring glory to God.

We thank all of your for your prayers and support throughout the trip, it was a wonderful experience and we are now all looking forward to a safe flight home, returning to our work and families, knowing we have made a difference in Kenya that will continue for a long time to come. Collette has been a tremendous leader and went on to Mombasa, where she and the Presbytery will be planning the next several trips. We can't wait to see you all in person, and share our photos and stories!