Saturday, November 15, 2008

Murengetti and Uplands Dispensaries

Tuesday, November 11
After a long day on Monday traveling back to Limuru, both teams treated patients at dispensaries located nearby. It was cold and rainy most of the day, however, this was the first day in quite some time where no one got stuck in the mud! The green team treated patients at the Murengetti dispensary, while the yellow team (minus a couple of sick members) treated at the Uplands dispensary. Both dispensaries were unique in that they actually did have some equipment and medications already available. Both teams saw several severely mentally and physically handicapped children. The yellow team had a patient with what looked like osteomyelitis (severe skin ulcerations possibly to the bone). Afterwards, some had the opportunity to visit a nearby hospital that holds about 50 patients. We were amazed at the conditions, but there are very little money and supplies to work with, so they do the best they can. We visited the pediatric ward, which had several severely burned children from spilled water, tea, etc. They were very lively and enthusiastic, smiling and showing us around the unit. Others went to the girl's home (orphanage) and enjoyed singing songs and dancing along with them. We then ate dinner and afterwards some enjoyed the late night task of repacking medications and supplies for the next morning.

Jennifer Okamura, PharmD