Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stuck, but blessed

Monday, November 9
On Monday we left Amboseli Wildlife Park in the rain heading for more treatment in Karero and Maranga. It was a two-hour ride in a 4-wheel drive over bumpy roads, but the country was beautiful. In Maranga the two teams split. One stayed in Maranga and treated at a church there; the other headed for Karero. The team that stayed were able to treat about 175 people in a church. The team worked together well and efficiently. We are learning much, Jen (pharmacist) is even learning a little Masaii and Kiswahili.

The other team headed for Karero. The pastor had shared that it may not be possible due to the rains, but we had landrovers and 4-wheel drives, so it was attempted. Three kilometers off the main road, the first landrover got stuck, then the second landrover went to help pull it out and got stuck. One of the landrovers that had stayed with the other team was called to assist and it got stuck. So... the fourth landrover stayed out of the muck and brought back some of the team to assist with treatment in Maranga. It took a bunch of our people, a bunch of Masaii men, a bunch of tree branches and 2,000 ksh, and five hours to finally free all the landrovers. The men were covered in mud and tired. We then had a three-hour drive back to Limuru. It was a long tiring day, but we arrived safely to a warm dinner, warm beds and showers.

God continues to bless us. Thank you for your prayers.