Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Weekend Update

Saturday, November 8
We had a great night's rest in a tent camp; we were serenaded by monkeys at night and saw deer all around our camp. We jumped into the vans and headed deep into the Masai Mara. What a beautiful morning, one of the first times it wasn't raining. We all got to see elephants, giraffe, secretary birds, ostrich, warthogs, and many more animals, and because it is spring here, many had new babies. But the best were the wildebeest. They mate in Tanzania, then begin the summer migration into Kenya, where the babies are born, and then in late November they head back. We saw the beginning of this: when one starts, they all follow; it was like the "running of the bulls" African style. They run with the zebras as they have better eyes, and the wildebeest have better ears—a great friendship. Of course, we couldn't go a day without being stuck, this time near the lion pride as we tried to get closer to see two new cubs hiding behind their mom. We did get out, and again due to rain, had a stop at another hotel to have tea and wait out the storm. Another great dinner at the lodge ended our day.

Sunday, November 9
In the morning, a church service in our own Kenyan style. Then we boarded a plane on a small dirt airstrip headed east to Amboseli for our next afternoon safari and to actually get us quickly where we needed to see more villages and provide care. The plane flies in supplies to the needy, called Samaritan's Purse. Our afternoon safari here was much different: very flat plains, a few hippos. The highlight here was watching the elephants deep in the mucky swamp, feeding on all of the vegetation. Mt. Kilamanjaro was fogged in at the top, but we enjoyed the view at the bottom. We did hike up a smaller viewing site, took many team photos and enjoyed a beautiful view across the plains. Another great night's sleep for all ended our playtime on the weekend, and we are back at work come Monday.